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Colors - New album

My new album COLORS is released today !
You already know the tracks released previously as singles and I invite you to discover five new ones.
I invited Yacine El Fath (guitar and oud player) on a few tracks and I mixed the ensemble before R3myboy’s mastering.
Thanks in advance for sharing and spreading the word if you like.
Mon nouvel album COLORS sort aujourd’hui !
Vous connaissez déjà les titres sortis précédemment en single et je vous invite à en découvrir cinq nouveaux.
J’ai invité Yacine El Fath (guitariste et oudiste) sur quelques morceaux et après avoir mixé l’ensemble, c’est R3myboy qui s’est chargé du mastering.
En espérant que l’ensemble vous plaise, je vous invite à en parler autour de vous

Mantra - New single

Mantra is the new single announcing my ninth album to be released next January !

Saya - New single



Camarades - New soundtrack

Doctor Flake - Camarades

Camarades is the Soundtrack of the play “Karim” directed by Juliette Reydellet. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Waiting for the light - New single

Waiting for the light  

Vilains - New soundtrack

Vilains is the Soundtrack of the play “Les vilains petits” directed by Juliette Reydellet. I composed it last year with these 4 keywords : Suspense, Hope, Energy and Tragedy. I hope you will enjoy . . . → Read More: Vilains – New soundtrack

Fall - New single


Composed and recorded with guitarist Yacine El Fath (Acchordance, Divagations, Honolulu), this luminous folktronica is an ode to autumn.


Honolulu - New single


New DJ set !


Click the pic below to stream my new DJ set !

Atlas - New single